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Cassandra C.

Today I was able to take my dog Wesley completely off leash because of the groundwork training that Rugged K9 provided me and my dog with. Before training I had an unruly and stubborn puppy, now I have a well behaved dog that listens to my commands and is referred to as "the happy dog" around my neighborhood. None of this could have been accomplished without the worthwhile training that Rugged K9 afforded us. Do not hesitate. Reach out to them if you are experiencing behavior problems from your dog. My dog has changed for the better and consistent training has been the key to a happy dog and a happy owner. I'm forever grateful for finding these trainers!

Robin A.

We had my son's dog board and say with Chase and Marina last Christmas and then again for a refresher 24 hours this Christmas. Newton was out of control when we brought him there last Christmas and within 2 weeks Newton was a changed dog. I couldn't believe the HUGE change they did for him. They are so easy to work with and offer great advice and training. AND we also had them train some of the dogs from Rogue Rescue & Sanctuary, who might not of gotten adopted because of behavior problems. They are defiantly worth checking out. You and your dog won't be sorry

David J.

I used Rugged K9 Training to train my 6 month old rescue dog in July of this year. 4 months later, I'm still getting compliments about how well behaved Finley is! Thank you Marina!

Isaac S.

Rugged K9 Training did an exceptional job with my dog. They not only trained and cared for her, but were also full of advice/tips with how to properly train your dog and why. Would highly recommend them to any dog owner.

Valerie M.

I learned about Marina from another Golden Retriever owner. We took our puppy for a 2 week board and train when she was about 7 months old. We missed her like crazy, but the improvement in her behavior was worth the separation. I wouldn't hesitate to use Marina again.

J. V.

The trainers at RK9T display passion for their work and positivity that makes their clients feel reassured that our pets will be well taken care of.

Gloria G.

Marina was great and does a great job! She was not only patient with Squints but me as well. 10/10 recommend!

Sheri B.

I hated leaving my dog (I leave 3 hrs. away) but the results were stunning. Ariana is so much better behaved. I can take her out in public. She doesn't tug at the leash. She responds to my commands. The best part, though, is the ability for me to reach out for help when I need it. Marina is always responsive to my cries for help.

Erica P.

We had our dog Nalu go with Marina and in just one day she was a completely different dog. Nalu has learned a lot and understands boundaries and we are able to walk her without being pulled which is amazing!!! I highly recommend reaching out to Marina for any dog training needs and pet sitting of course too!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Corey M.

Marina is the best! She and Chase are so knowledgeable, and they love what they do! I sent my Australian Shepherd puppy to her and he came home confident, happy, and listening and behaving so much better! It was amazing to see the changes in him! I would recommend Rugged K9 Training to anyone who is looking for a positive, successful training experience for their dog!

Kristin G.

Marina and Chase not only helped us to have a well-trained and confident dog, but they helped Charlie fit right into our family like a puzzle piece. We have three young boys, and they not only taught us adults how to train, but also took time with the boys too. Marina and Chase helped us become more confident dog parents and we have been able to take Charlie with us everywhere! They are amazing and I tell anyone I can about them!! We look forward to continue working with them!

S Moore

Rugged K9 is amazing. We are forever grateful. After a very successful Board and Train and a couple home visits, we are amazed at how far our dogs have come. We actually get compliments for our well behaved dogs! We work hard with them following everything Marina helped us learn. Our dogs (two very energetic and previously leash reactive Aussies) absolutely love her and become wigglebutts when they see her. She obviously loves dogs and her job. She was so patient with us as we learned and practiced everything she taught us. I would highly recommend Rugged K9 to anyone

Rita A.

Augie our Australian Shepard really needed to have training so he was a good neighbor and good dog son ! Marina did a great job training him , he's much more obedient and behaved , we are slowly also learning to be be good doggie parents ! Thanks Marina for training all of is !

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