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We offer dog training that focuses on relationship-building and mindset changes. Together, we will help you become a better dog owner, strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, and make lasting changes in their behavior.


Dog training is more than

sit and stay.

Our Services


Board and Trains

24/7 training in the comfort of our home. Board-and-trains are offered between 2-6 weeks where your dog will receive a 24/7 structured lifestyle of play, training, enrichment, socialization, confidence building, and downtime. 


Private Sessions

Whether you need one session or you want to invest in our package, these private sessions will give you the knowledge to help with obedience, stop unwanted behaviors, and improve communication between you and your dog.


Group Sessions

Learn alongside others in a group setting. Offered for dogs with challenging behaviors, puppies, or for basic obedience.

Meet The Team





Our goal for training is to change your dog's perspective of you. Dogs are mirrors of their environment, and you must show up fully to see lasting results. By changing the way you see yourself and stepping into a leadership role, your dog will respect you, follow you, and be willing to listen to you.



Cassandra C.
& Wesley

Today I was able to take my dog Wesley completely off leash because of the groundwork training that Rugged K9 provided me and my dog with. Before training I had an unruly and stubborn puppy, now I have a well behaved dog that listens to my commands and is referred to as "the happy dog" around my neighborhood. None of this could have been accomplished without the worthwhile training that Rugged K9 afforded us. Do not hesitate. Reach out to them if you are experiencing behavior problems from your dog. My dog has changed for the better and consistent training has been the key to a happy dog and a happy owner. I'm forever grateful for finding these trainers!


Corey M.
& Oso

Marina is the best! She and Chase are so knowledgeable, and they love what they do! I sent my Australian Shepherd puppy to her and he came home confident, happy, and listening and behaving so much better! It was amazing to see the changes in him! I would recommend Rugged K9 Training to anyone who is looking for a positive, successful training experience for their dog!


Andrea S.
& Apolllo Blue

We had our 15 month old German Shepherd do an in house stay for 1 week. What a difference!!!! This is not the same dog that we left them with a week ago today. He was a very timid dog away from his family at all times. Very territorial. We are his pack of 4, very few outsiders were permitted in his circle. He would lay under the table while we would eat dinner, which was a huge no no with us. We only had limited control over him. We picked him up this afternoon. He came home, we walked him as how we were told to do so. No pulling or dragging us. In the house, we put him in his ‘place’ as his we were referred to do. He stayed! We took him in the back yard, which is fenced in, the neighbors were out, kids playing, noisy, lots of distractions for him, he went into his ‘place’ in the outside area & stayed! This would not have happened a week ago. We released him to have play time, came in after playing outside for an hour, ate his dinner & went into his inside ‘place’ while we ate our dinner. No more dog under the table. I can not say enough about the training that Apollo Bleu received. I highly recommend them. You can personally contact me if need be. Top Notch trainers! High Paws to Marina & Chase! Thank you!

Happy Dogs

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